A sharper eye for a safer world.

Security Panel


  • Speech for each operation step with LCD screen display.
  • Programmable 8 wired zones/ 32 wireless zones.
  • Built-in GSM module can call or send out SMS message via SIMcard to pre-set phone numbers.
  • Gsm with intercom function, sleep mode/ PGM ouput/ 16 User codes.
  • Dual-way communication of arm or disarm status by phone or SMS message remotely.
  • 2 alarm centre phone numbers (CMSnumber)/4 voice alarm numbers.
  • Communication protocol to alarm centre-Ademco Contact ID protocol.
  • Tel-line auto-dial with pre-recorded CMS numbers in case of emergency
  • 32 wireless detector/ 8 wireless remote control/ 2 wireless door bell.
  • 8 wireless intelligent power switch controller.
  • Admin and user menu operation separately.
  • 4 group timing arm and disarm setting.
  • 120 alarm log and inquiry / 10 seconds for live listen and recording.
  • Listen-in time Os-255s optional, AC loss/ landline disconnect, inspection disable/ enable.
  • Inspection wireless device low battery or lose status.
  • Arm or disarm status resume after power off/ wireless alarm linkage.
  • Magnetic contact opened inspection function/ tel-line off inspection function.
  • GSM frequency 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 11.1V 11000mA up to 8 hours when power off.
  • Included 15v 12000mA external power adapter.